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SWORD #244-10011- Soshu Fuyuhiro


Soshu Fuyuhiro

Fuyu Hiro, a Chu-Jo Saku rated Smith served under his father Hirotsugu upon completing his apprenticeship.

He went on to serve under the leadership of the famous Tsunhiro after which he founded the Jakushu School of Wakasu.

His works are extremely rare. In 67 years, this is only the second one I have been fortunate enough to have examined.

It is a shortened blade of 28.3 inches and was at one time 31.5 inches. It has three Mekugi Ana. It is a robust blade typical of the Soshu style. Nie Deki with Hitatsura Hamon. It has an active complex temperline which if not examined properly will appear to be in Gunome/Midare with scattered Ashi and Tobiyaki. In fact, if examined carefully, you will see from the Monouchi area to the Kissaki, it is in Hitatsura complimented by the beautiful texture of the Jitetsu.

In the above period, Oda Nobunaga fought a pitched battle at a place called Okehazama in which he defeated the armies of the Daimyo Imigawa Yoshimoto. His head was taken by a member of the Mori Clan. This famous battle took place in 1560. A great victory for Oda Nobunaga.