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SWORD #244-10015 - Kongobyoei Moritaka

1240 - 1260 AD


1240 – 1260 AD

This is an early Kamakura work of the head of the Moritaka Kei whose peak work period is estimated to be some where between 1240 – 1260. The dates of his birth and death have as yet not been established.

It is said that he is the son of Morikuni but I believe there is a mistake here. It is more likely that Morikuni is the son of Moritaka.

The sword is 68.7 cm – it was 75.7 cm. Has been shortened by 7 cm. This sword is glowing with power, a robust blade in a classic Koshi, Sori, Maru Mune and has Funbari.

The Kissake is Ko-Kissake. Construction is Mokume with O-Hada mixed in places. The texture is prominent and beautiful and somewhat exudes dignity and reminds me of a blade by Ko-Kongo Byouei Sairen.

There is Jinie, Chikei and Shirake Utsuri. The Hamon is in Niedeki, Suguha, deep Nioguchi with small Ashi.

The Boshi is Hakikake style. A magnificent work of art with Horimono of two men praying to the Sun God with outstretched arms. Koshirae mounts for an early Tachi.

Comes with Toku Betsu documents from NBTHK.