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SWORD #228 - Bizen Kuni Ju Yokoyama Sukekane

1848 AD


Bizen Kuni Ju Yokoyama Sukekane
1848 AD

This swordsmith is one of the three most important Bizen tradition Smiths of the Shin Shinto period, along with Sukehira and Sukenaga.

Their special Choji Hamon pattern is a very stricking one. The sword is 70cm in length, it is in fresh polish, has NBTHK documents with war time Koshirae and Shirashya with the mon of the Mori clan.

In my research, I found two officers in the military. One was in the navy, the other Takeshi Mori was in the army. His history is an interesting one. He served in china during the war, returned to Japan in 1945 as Lietenant General, commander of the Imperial Palace guard.

In May of 1945, he was asked to join an attempted Coup D'etat by rebel army officers who wanted to continue the war. General Mori refused as he could not go against the Emperor's wishes to surrender.

In the early hours of August 15th 1945, General Takeshi Mori was assassinated.