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SWORD #229- Bizen Fukuoka Ichimonji Yoshifusa


Bizen Fukuoka Ichimonji Yoshifusa

1232 - 1247 AD

The Fukuoka Ichimonji School of Swordsmiths of the middle Kamakura period approximately 1232 - 1283 were the most brilliant of all the schools. Producing top quality Jitetsu and active Hamon. The very active Choji, Fukuro Choji, Choji Midare, Juka Choji Midare variations are far superior to any other schools, culminating into the famous golden era of Sword Smithing as an art form. Of the four Ichimonji schools, the Fukuoka Ichimonji school is without peer.

This sword was made by a National Treasure Swordsmith.

It came from the estate of a prominent Japanese whose ancestors came down thru the Mori clan. During the period of the American occupation the sword was safely hidden in an air-raid shelter until the end of the occupation at which time, it was exhumed from it's hiding place, polished and papered.

Due to extreme economical situation, many families were forced to sell their family heirlooms. However, this is the first that has come up for sale in over 30 years.