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SWORD #244-08

Naginata - Kanazawa Ju Kaga Kaisuie

Kesho - Shinto period (1600 - 1624 AD)

Kanazawa No Sho, the economical, cultural and political center of Kaga province was conquered by Oda Nobunaga in 1580.
Maeda Toshiie, a retainer was ordered to build a castle and town there.

The Fujishima school was already established there, followed in Shinto times by the Daraimi school, the Kiyomitsu school.
The Shigetsugu school and Kaga Seki school represented by Kanewaka.

The several generations of the Shigetsugu school represented by Kanewaka prospered during this time.

First generation Shigetsugu was a student of Sadatsugu of Echizen 1624.

Katsuie is a Smith of Kaga province. His personal name was Hikoichi.
He also went under the names of Tadasuke and in later life changed it to Katsushige.
He is a Jo-Saku class Smith current Hozon papers.

This Naginata should be re-submitted for a much higher rating.