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SWORD # 244-30

Mino Seki Shimizu Ganmaku

1596 - 1600 AD

The second golden era of sword making production Shimizu Ganmaku's swords were valued for their sharpness.

Having a (O-Mazimono) status and a Hozon NBTHK certificate, the Mino Secki School of Swords were very successful during the late Muromachi period and were very highly valued for their sharpness. This particular sword was made during the Kesho Shinto period 1596 - 1604 AD. The Ji-Gane is much better than the earlier Muromachi period swords, it is unaltered in it's original design, shape and condition signed Shimizu Ju Ganmaku.

The Koshirae in fine condition classified Higo province mounts of the Higo School preferred by Samurai warriors. Mokko Ishimeji Iron Tsubu designed Arabesque in gold color. Iron Fujikashira in gold Arabesque color. Kawari Nuri Saya, blue shall, black Uru Shi lacquer, brass Menuki dragon design, Koshirae in iron. All matching Higo school mounts.