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SWORD #245-38 Yamashiro (Kikumon)

Omi (No) Kami Minamoto

Kisamichi 3rd Generation

Made in August 1744

(Kiku Mon) Yamashiro Hisamichi 1744 AD)

(Kiku Mon) Yamashiro Hisamichi 1744 AD) Hisamichi's family background forms part of the Kyo 5 Ban Kaji famous brothers who were well established Smiths from Mino province who moved from Mino Province to Yamashiro province to practise their art form there. Shodai Hisamichi was the grandfather of 3rd generation Hisamichi, the Smith who made this excellent Tanto. No doubt, a special order Tanto to a very important or rich individual since Tanto in the Shinto period 1596 to 1786 were not made actively which makes this particular Tanto very rare indeed. A flawless and elegant blade and Koshirae.

Fred Fimio