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SWORD #217 - Munetoshi - Katana

Katayama Munetoshi Circa: 1860

Katayama Munetoshi is the brother of Koyama Munetsugu (1854). His work style is similar to his brother Munetsugu. 

Munetoshi is ranked chu jo-saku by Fujishiro.  The jitetsu is a well grained itame hada with ji-nie attached.  The hamon is a suguha in nei decki with ashi and nijuba.

Like his brother Koyama Munetsugu, his work style is the Bizen tradition.  The cutting edge is 69 cm. The sword is signed with a two character signature Mune Toshi.  The sword is Ubu (unaltered) and comes in a Ishime-ji black saya and a mokko shaped Tsuba.  The menuki is copper plate and the fujikashira id shakuda-nanako plate. 

This sword is a Katana in Shinogi-Tsukuri style and has a hadori polish.  The condition on the sword overall is excellent.