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1670 - 1688 


Hizen Motoyuki

1670 - 1688

Hizen Motoyuki seems to have been a travelling man as it is recorded that he lived in the following location:

In 1673, he moved to Karatsu, he then moved to Takaish, Azabu, Edo, Musashi. He moved to Sagami and became a student of Soshu Tsunahiro and finally, he moved back to Karatsu.

It is said that he is a descendent of Ki-no-Yukihiro. The first signature then makes sense as he first signed Yukiharu. Secondly, he signed as Yukihira. There are still many swords out there signed in all three ways.

Later on in his career he received the honour of using the character Moto which was not the standard Moto character, but looks like a pine tree, thus the reason for his nickname Matsuba (pine needle) Motoyuki.

He was also known as Bungo Tarō. This sword and it's matching Koshirae make a stunning visual impact.

The blade is a work of art, masterfully executed in traditional Yamashiro style, refined hada and hamon, with ji nie in typical Hizen style. It bears a Tokobetsu-Hozon NBTHK paper.

The sword was owned by Doi Toshi Masu of Doi Toshi Masu Castle in Karatsu-shi - Lord of Kamatsu Castle, Karatsu-Han. Fifth generation