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SWORD #245-39

Yamashiro Rai Kunizane

Late Kamakura 1306 - 1317


The Yamashiro School Rai tradition has always throughout history been one of the most prized collectors' items.

The founder was Kuniyuki followed by Rai Kunitoshi. Kunizane is said to be Rai Kunitoshi's son and the younger brother of Rai Kunimitsu.

Kunizane was born in Bunei fifth year AD1268. After a very short life span, he died in 1318 at age 50. Very few swords have been found unfortunately. 

The sword is O-Suriage, Shu-Mei signed. His workmanship is a fine Ko-Itame Kizu free well grained with Ji-Nie attached, deep sori, with fine Chikei and Utsuri & Bo-Hi.

The Hamon is Sugu based Nie Deki with thick Nioi Guchi, Ashi & long Kinsuji & Yo. A stately and elegant sword.

Swords existing today are very rare and sought after. 

This sword is an excellent example of his workmanship and possible Juyo candidate having a very fine Hada pattern displaying No Kizu. It has a Shu Mei signature under the seal of the Homani with Kao of Mitsu Tada as well as a NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon. It is in my opinion a Juyo token candidate.

Reference: Koto Meizuku Kushi Taizen and Nihonto Meikan.

Fred Fimio