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SWORD #245-53 - Yamato Tegai Kanekiyo

Kanekiyo was a Smith of Yamato Tradition and the Tegai School, he signed mostly in two character signature, Kanekiyo is the son of the founder of the school Kanenaga, 1288 AD. Kanekiyo's works are similar to Kanenaga with some minor variations.

Today, most of his swords have been shortened and his signature removed, if any. His swords were mostly made for warrior monks especially at Todaijo temple.

This particular sword has been currently awarded by the NBTHK sword museum. The Tokubetsu Hozon Token papers.

Kanekiyo is a very fine Swordsmith whose blade is of Juyo quality. Beautiful texture is Ko-Itame grain mixed with Mokume. There is Utsuri in the Ji with thick Ji-Nie attached and fine Chikei. This is a wide and thick blade. The Hamon is Suguha in Ko-Nie Deki and shallow Notare. Inside the Hamon, there is Yo, small Ashi, Sunagashi and several long Kinsuji. The Ha-Buchi is soft like morning mist.

This very fine sword is matched by a fine artistic Koshirai and signed fittings and Heianjo Tsuba.