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SWORD #245-60 - Gassan Chikanori

From Dewu Province in the middle to late Kamakura period 1260 to 1334, some seven hundred and forty- six years ago, came a unique tradition led by the Gassan group of swordsmiths. This group developed a unique method of folding, twisting and punching the many layers of steel so that when the sword was polished the surface of the sword appeared as a successive breaking of ocean waves through out the Ji and Ha touching the very cutting edge.

The Gassan school has survived to this very day. However, the late period swords are usually a very tight Muji like Hada and very seldom display the unique texture of the Ko-Gassan period. This unique wavy design is called Ayasugi Hada.

To consider myself fortunate to have had the opportunity to own and study several of these unique Gassan swords having at one time owned a Daisho dated 1333. A rare matched pair made by the same Smith from the same period.