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NZ-149 SA Marine (Navy) Dagger


NAZ-148 SA: Storm Trooper Dagger


NAZ-147 Army Officer's Dagger


NAZ-146 Gold Chain NSKK Marine Special Forces Dagger


AA138 WWII South African Air Force Dagger

IT144 Italian Military Leader's Chained Dagger

NZ-145 First Model Luftwaff Kurt Ebener Dagger

NZ-142 Personal Sword of General Paul Deichmann

Model 38 General's presentation sword


NZ-141 Land Customs Dagger
Authorized for wear by selected ranks in the Ministry of Finance, replacing the Customs sword

Length: 41cms

Year Adopted:  1937
Condition: Excellent


NZ-140 Diplomatic Sabre

Manufacturer: Alcoso. Diplomatic Degen. A fine engraved blade very rarely seen for sale. A very rare sword. 


NZ-139 Diplomatic Dagger

Authorized for selected members of the Foreign Ministry.

Year Adopted:  1938
Condition: Excellent


NZ-135 SS Himmler Signed Honor Dagger
Type: 1936 SS Service Dagger 

Period:  Adopted: 1934
Condition: Excellent: 


NZ-134 Early Style Luftwaffe Officer's Sword & Belt
Type: Officer's dress sword & belt

Period:  Adopted: 1935
Condition: Excellent: 


NZ-124 RAD
Type: Standard Pattern Hewer

Year Adopted:  1934
Condition: Excellent


NZ-121 Nazi Dagger
Type: 1934 SS Service Dagger 

Period:  Adopted: 1934
Condition: Excellent


NZ-114 RAD Leader's Dagger
Type: Leader's Pattern Hewer

Year Adopted:  1937
Condition: Excellent


NZ-111 The Deluxe Hunting Knife
Authorized for wear by all members of the National Hunting Association

Year Adopted:  1936
Condition: Excellent


Item 127 Röhm Honour Dagger
Type: SA Dagger

Period:  1933 - 1934
Condition: Excellent
 R A R E


Item #106 Luftwaffe Officers Dagger
Type: German Dagger 

Period:  1937

Condition: Excellent


Item #105 Postal Protection Service
Type: German Dagger

Period:  1933
Condition: Excellent


Item #104 2nd Model Navy Dagger
Type: German Dagger 

Period:  Adoped 1938
Condition: Excellent


Item #102 Kraftfahrkorps N.S.K.K. Dagger
Period:  From 1933
Condition: Very good


Item #101 Montreall Home Guard Savage Musket
Period:  From 1899
Condition: Near mint condition


Item #100 Luftwaffe 1st Model 1934

Type: German Dagger (Airforce)

Period:  1933 - 1945
Condition: Excellent







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