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SWORD # 179 - Hizen Kuni Dewa Daijo Fujiwara Yukihiro

1617 - 1683

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Hizen Kuni Dewa Daijo Fujiwara Yukihiro
1617 - 1683
First generation Yukihiro, according to the Hizen Hikkei by Eguchi, Chosin, was the youngest brother of the 1st generation Masahiro, and eldest son of Yoshinobu, grandson of 1st genertation Tadayoshi. But I think there is a mistake here. For example, Masahiro was born 1606 and Yukihiro was born 1617, younger brother, yes but eldest son, no, can't be - there is a contradition here.
Yukihiro, son of Yoshinobu, young brother of Masahiro was born 1617, 1st generation, received his Dewa Daijo title in 1648 and the Nokami title in 1663. In 1650 he moved to Nagasaki to study Dutch forging with Hisatsugu and Tanenaga. It is assumed he also studied the Ichimonji tradition in Edo with Noriyoshi. Yukihiro became a retained smith of the Nabeshima clan and moved to Nagase. He presumably also studied in Hiroshima with Norifusa. Yukihiro died May 27, 1683, 3rd year of Tenna.
This sword was purchased from a descendent of the Karatsu family. He also was a samurai retainer in the employ of the local feudal Lord of Karatsu Castle. He was a fencing master and collector of swords. His name was Kaku-Mu-Gensaemon I Tada Yasu. He presently lives in Karatsu. I am fortunate in being able to purchase the entire collection from Shigezou San. This collection has been hidden for the past 60 years and I am told seen only by my agent Kazuya Tabata from Fukuoka city.
This one of a kind special order blade in the style of the Soshu tradition. It's very unusual for a Hizen Smith. It's grand shape and Hitatsuru Hamon is striking. I highly recommend this Juyo Candidate.


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