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SWORD #245-19- Soshu-Ju Hiromasa



Hiromasa is a talented Smith of the famed Soshu school of Masamune. He produced many Wakisashi and Tanto but very few Katana. It is not known how many are still in existence today so they are very rare. I can tell you, this is the very first one I have owned in the 70 odd years of collecting swords and the first I have encountered that has come up for sale in all that time. VERY RARE BLADE

It is a very fine blade with outstanding Hada covered in Ji-Nie and beautiful Chikei.

He is noted for his flashy Hitatsura grain Hada in most of his works, however, this sword is quite different with its' Itame and swirls of Mokume with Masamei in the Shinogi-Ji and brilliant Chikei. I highly recomment this blade.