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Item #245-32 Shimada Hirosuke Saku  **N E W**

Length: 43.2cm

Type: Wakisashi

Period: Muromachi Period

Style: Hira-Zukuri


Item #245-30 Hizen Ju Harima Daijo Fujiwara Tadakuni **NEW**

Length: 71.1cm

Type: Katana

Period: 1640

Style: Shinogi Zukuri


Item #245-21 32 Gen Suji Kabuto  **N E W**

Mei: (Signature) Mumei

Period: Muromachi Period

Shikoro: Black Kozane 3 layers
Special Feature: Kabuto with the sun design on Maedate lacquered with Sabiji Nuri


Item #245-20 Kabuto & Menpo

Length: A 42 plate Suji Kabuto & Menpo composed of iron plate & leather.

Period: Edo
Condition: Excellent


Item #245-19 Soshu-Ju Hiro Masa

Length: 67.4cm

Type: Katana
Period: 1394-1400
Style: Shinogi Zukura


Item #245-18 Taira-Takada Tomoyuki

Length: 67.4cm

Type: Katana
Period: Muromachi
Style: Shinogi Zukuri


Item #245-05 Kongo-Byoei Moritaka

Length: 27"

Type: Katana
Period: Muromachi
Style: Shinogi Zukuri


Item #245-04 Yamato Mino - Shizu Kaneuji

Length: 69.6cm

Type: Tachi
Period: 1343 - 62
Style: Shinogi Zukuri


Item #245-03 Harima Daijo Fujiwara Echizen Shigetaka


Type: Katana
Period: 1600 - 1624
Style: Shinogi Zukuri


Item #245-02 Bizen Sukesada

Length: 7.5 inches

Type: Tanto
Period: Late Muromachi
Style: Kamuri - Otoshi - Zukuri


Item #244-32 Ninja Nunchaku PRICE: $650.00

Length: 152cm

Class: None
Condition: Excellent
Nakago:  Ubu Mumei


Item #229 Bizen Fukuoka Ichimonji Yoshifusa  - S O L D

Length:  71.2 cm     Style: Tachi   Period: Middle Kamakura


Condition:  Excellent

Nakago:  Attribution

Koshirae: Shirasaya

The 55th NBTHK Shinsa / JUYO TOKEN


Item #240 Bizen Fukuoka Ichimonji Norifusa - S O L D

Length:  66.4 cm     Style: Tachi   Period: Middle Kamakura

Class: Tokubetsu Hozon/ NBTHK papers 

Condition:  Excellent / Fresh Polish

Nakago:  Attribution to Norifusa

Koshirae: Shirasaya and Buki Zukuri Koshirae


Item #244-10012  IBizen Ichimonji Sukekuni
Length:  69.5 cm     Style: Shinogi Zukuri   Period: 1300 - 1334
Class:  JUYO TOKEN Certificate - The 51st Shinsa
Condition:  Excellent
Nakago:  Mumei attributed to Bizen Ichimonji Kokubunji Sukekuni
Koshirae: Buke Tsukuri; fine mountings

Item #244-10017  Hizen Kuni Yukihiro 

Length: 70.3 cm     Style: Shinogi Tsukuri  Period: 617 - 1683

Class: Tokubetsu NBTHK

Condition: Excellent

Nakago:  Ubu; Hizen Kuni Dewa Daijo Fujiwara Yukihiro

Koshirae: Red and black vertical stripe. Iron tsubu rimmed with gold leaf dragon motif, Shakuda Fuji Kashira gold dragons - gold dragon Menuki



(The above dates reflect the Swordsmiths peek productivity period only)



APPRAISALS: Our President, Fred Fimio, will gladly appraise any art sword you have in your collection, or require for insurance coverage, claims, customs or court cases.  Fred has over 55 years of experience.


HOW: Contact Fred Fimio at  Appraisals can only be done in person, so an appointment must be scheduled.