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Born 1869, died 1943, he was the son of Sadakazu, his real name was Gassan Eitaro, late works of the father were mostly made by his son Sadakatsu.

Sadakatsu mastered the workings of Ayasugi Hada Kitai, he was also a skilled engraver of sword carvings.

This Tanto is a classical example of the many fine blades he made during his lifetime. The Jigane is Ko-Itame mixed with O-Itame with attached Ji-Nie forming thick Chikei. The Hamon is Nie Deki, deep Niokuchi in Gunome Midare with soft Habuchi.

The Boshi is round shaped Togari style with deep Niokuchi. The shape of the blade is Mitsumune style regular width and thickness.

Sadakatsu was born the second son of the first generation Sadakazu.


The solid gold fittings as well as the blade was especially commissioned to be made to commemorate Princess Yori's birth in March of 1931, this is chiselled right into the tang of the blade.

The solid gold Habaki and other gold fittings were especially created for this special occasion, as was the lobster design Aikuchi style, the Kiromom is engraved on the orange color Kizami Saya, the Fujikashira on solid gold plate, waves are engraved and the signature of the engravers is carved in all parts by Iimura Kasyo. The Kodzuka is also solid gold plate.

Iimura Kasyo the gold smith was born in November of Meiji 34 year and studied under Honami Ko-son and the son of Miyata Kiyonobu fittings and Koshirae artist.


This goldsmith and Koshirae artist Iimura Kasyo whose signature is engraved on the Saya Fuji Kashira & Kodzuka, was born November 3rd, 1902.

For Koshirae and fittings, he received awards  of Yusyo Syo prize from ministry of education and President's prize. He is also the author of the Token Yoran Publication, The Shinto Taikan and Shinshinto Taikan.


Very little is known about Ikusuke Goto, the gentleman who commissioned the Tanto in Honor of Princess Yori's birth in March of 1931 other than he was a very wealthy patron of the arts and very loyal subject of the Japanese Royal family.


Princess Yori is the daughter of Emperor Hirohito who ruled during the second world war. She gave up rights to the crown and became a commoner and married Marquis Takamasa Ikeda the son of Nobumasa, a direct descendent of the last Daimyo of Okayama domain.

The Tanto came to my attention directly from the family through an intermediary friend resulting in my grateful appreciation in being able to purchase this fine and rare work of art.