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SWORD #245-48


Yamato Shizu and Yamato Shizu Saburo Kaneuji are one and the same Smith. Yamato Shizu was the name used before he changed the Kane character, and before he left Nara to study the Soshu tradition with the renowned Smith Masamune as one of the ten famous Smiths who studied under Masamune in the late Kamakura period.

Yamato Shizu swords have often been mistaken for the works of the master Smith Masamune. After his time with Masamune, he returned to Nara and later moved to Mino province to form the Mino tradition.

Rated a master Smith himself, his workmanship is close to the workmanship of his mentor.

This particular sword is rather wide and thick with deep Sori, O-kissaki and Bo-Hi on both sides. The splendid Itame is well grained with ample Ji-Nie attached forming fine Chikei throughout. The Hamon is a Nie Deki on a basic Notare, with Gunome Ko-Gunome, Gunome Midare and some Togare with Sunagashi, short lines of Kinsuji along with some very long lines of Kinsuji. The Ji-Tetseu has Niku and it's delicate beauty will entertain the astute student for many fascinating moments. The sword comes with NBTHK Tokebetsu Hozon papers but I do believe this Shizu blade is a Juyo candidate and I highly recommend it to you.