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SWORD #245-57 - Hizen Yukihiro

Swords of Hizen province are very popular world-wide. In Koto times, it was swords of Bizen province, often referred to as the Sword Kingdom. In Shinto times, (I might add) through to today, it is Swords of Hizen, especially those of the Tadayoshi School and its' branch lines Masahiro, Tadakuni, Yukihiro etc.

It began in the City of Saga in the late Koto period 1596-1598, under the patronage of the Lord Nabeshima family, Nabeshima Naoshige, Lord of Saga, and carried on through many generations to the end of the Samarai period and beyond 1880 - 1890. There are several other schools and their branch lines.

The shape and style is reminiscent of Koto Yamashiro swords, evenly balanced, nicely tapered with a medium curvature and rated very sharp (Saijo O Wazimono) artistically pleasing to the eye. The expression "Shibumi" is often used in describing Hizento (an understated quality of excellence.)

This is a rare signed & dated 3rd generation Yukihiro. Born 1687, died 1750 at age 63. This sword was made in 1715. He is rated Jo-Jo Saku. Has Tokubetsu Hozon Token NBTHK documents from the sword museum in Tokyo.

The sword is 27 1/2 in cutting edge length and 830 grams in weight. The blade is in excellent condition.

Yukihiro excelled in making swords with a mixture of superior Dutch and Japanese iron.